Gimme A Break!

I've been thinking about this for a while now and also my friends and family have heard me complain about this, but  why on earth does the VU (Vrije Universiteit), my university, not grant their students a break between the first and the second semester? At first I thought it was a Dutch thing so I said to myself "Oh well! When in Rome, do as the Romans do!".
Studying-main_fullBut then I found out, meeting other students from other universities, that the VU is actually one of the few to do that...again: why?  I actually couldn't come up with an answer and  probably there will be no further investigations, since basically I'm too lazy and it wouldn't change anything anyhow. I do not really feel sorry for myself, don't get me wrong, but it's a little aggravating when most of my friends in Germany, Duitsland as they say, have about four weeks off before the second semester kicks off.
Duitsland, by the way, is my home country.  I was born and  raised in Lower Saxony, 90 km south of my beloveth Hamburg, only I do not bear any German blood in me though.

Anyway, this weekend is 'carnaval'!! People in the southern Netherlands go crazy these days I'm told. I won't actually be down there, nonetheless I decided to go to a carnaval party with a friend from school tonight. The location will be a big boat (called Stubnitz) which momentarily is docked at Amsterdam's harbor.

I honestly am really looking forward, for I don't get to party in Amsterdam as much as I'd like to due to financial and time constraints. Clubbing in A'dam is quite expensive I suppose.
So I'm ready to bust some moves tonight, not that I'm good or anything...
...here are a couple of vids of people I admire (at least one of 'em) and enjoy watching.
Watch how they get it on:





Hi everybody,

...Yannic - that's my name. I'm a first semester IBA student at your university, the VU, and I'm about to share my experiences as a foreign student living in the Netherlands, more specifically in AMSTERDAM, as well as my opinions and views on stuff - subjects, that is -  that  I'm  interested  in or which I encounter throughout my stay here.
Since my hobbies are sports (all kinds), music, US politics ("...change has come to America!", B.O.), hanging/going out with friends, social networking (I became a victim a couple years ago!), movies, and literature (...just a little ;-), chances are quite high that I will include those kind of topics in my blog as well.
Of course I would welcome comments of you and yours to maybe provide me with incentives for my next entry!!!

Oh yeah, I belong to the age group of '87ers...more info about me you will be provided with throughout my blog ;-) ...

I know we are well in the year of 2009 A.D. but still I'd like to talk about new years resolutions:                                                                                                                                                                                                                Do I have any? Yeah well, a couple I guess...first of all I want Fworks to have learned the Dutch language before the beginning of my second year, starting in September! It's just a feeling of ignorance that shadows me right now. 2ndly I would like to focus more on school (I think that's a pretty common one throughout the student community). Finally,...well I can't think of 'finally' as of right now...maybe a little later, we'll see.

What about yours? Post comment on my blog if you like.

I'll talk to you soon!